Digital Shop Floor Management to design the connected production of tomorrow

More and more companies digitalise their production environment. With smart production and Industry 4.0 there are many aprroaches on how to increase productivity. Because we develop into a knowledge and information society it is crucial to have all relevant information and data available where we need them and when we need them.

Here our digital shop floor management comes into play. Our software brings the method shop floor management - known from lean management - to the next level by making use of the newest technologies. All relevant data in production is collected and displayed by our system and can be easily discussed by production teams. Deviations can be detected and addressed fast and effective with our assisted problem solving tool.

We offer the complete bundle of consulting on implementation, hardware selection as well as our brand new digital shop floor management software for SMEs and large companies. Get in touch with us, if you are interested and want to learn more about our service (incl. demo).


Data integration
Automated collection of data and integration into the digital shop floor management
Performance Dialog

Intuitive visualisation of relevant KPIs

Problem solving

Method assisted systematic problem solving


Role-based management of tasks

Knowledge data base

Site spanning knowledge data base stores tasks and solutions to problems


Corporate communication with mobile devices


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